Learn How To Cook – And Actually Enjoy It!

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If you’re wondering, “how do I learn how to cook?” then you’re in the right place! As two self taught home chefs that went from baking unseasoned chicken in a college dorm to crafting unique restaurant style recipes with fresh, wholesome ingredients, we’re better equipped than anyone to help you learn how to cook.

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So, why should you want to learn from us?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of resources on the internet, you’re not alone. There’s plenty of information out there to help you learn how to cook – but here’s what makes us different:

  1. We’re two regular people who taught ourselves to cook, so we can explain the things we’ve learned in regular terms that are easy for anyone to understand. Learning to cook becomes so much easier when you’re not faced with confusing terminology and complicated instructions.
  2. We’re two former engineers who spent years learning how to learn. To truly learn how to cook – and actually enjoy it, instead of viewing it as a chore – you need to learn how to learn. We can help you develop this skill and challenge yourself to be a better home cook, so that you can enjoy cooking more in the long run!

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a quick look at our self-taught cooking journey:


We met in our Engineering 101 class the first week of college at Northeastern University. Studying engineering taught us both how to learn, which became an essential skill in our cooking journey! You can learn more about us here.


Throughout our college years, we quickly realized we had to find a way to feed ourselves… and made meals that ended up looking like this.

But trying recipes we found online was more interesting than eating microwave ramen every night, and it was one of the best opportunities for us to connect over something other than coursework.

The more slop-like meals we made, the more we realized we actually needed to learn how to cook.


After starting corporate jobs, we both desparately needed a creative outlet. That’s when we decided to seriously dive into teaching ourselves to cook, and launched The Candid Cooks as a way to hold ourselves accountable.

This was one of our earliest recipes, Italian Meat Sauce with Fettuccine. Not the most complicated recipe, but we were proud of the fact that we created it all on our own!


After a year of teaching ourselves as much as possible through experimentation, we signed up for MasterClass and began to learn foundational techniques from renowned chefs like Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsey, and Roy Choi.

This is when our creativity really took off and we began cooking outside of our comfort zone. Drawing inspiration from our favorite restaurant dishes, we started coming up with delicious recipes like this spicy Szechuan dumpling soup (one of our most popular to this day!)

A homemade pork dumpling being lifted out of a bowl of spizy szechuan dumpling soup
An Asian inspired fried fish rice bowl served with a lemon wedge


The more we learned, the more we wanted to cook, and the easier cooking became.

When we first launched The Candid Cooks, coming up with new recipes to share every week was a challenge. But after just 2 years, we reached a point where creating a recipe like this fried fish rice bowl was second nature.

Cooking had become the fun and creative outlet we were seeking, and making dinner every night no longer felt like a chore.

2024 and beyond

Since starting our cooking journey, the most important lesson we’ve learned is that anyone can learn to cook amazing food, no matter where you start.

As we continue to challenge ourselves and learn all we can about cooking, we want to share these lessons with you – so that you, too, can learn to cook and actually love it.

Crispy air fryer buffalo chicken rangoons.

So, what are you waiting for?

We have a few ebooks and a cookbook coming soon, but for right now we suggest you start off learning how to cook with these helpful articles:

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