How To Make Deep Fried Oreos

If you’re wondering how to make deep fried oreos with pancake mix – and without a deep fryer – follow this recipe and step-by-step guide to easily recreate your favorite boardwalk treat!

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We all know and love deep fried oreos, that irresistible treat you can usually smell wafting down the boardwalk or through the rows of carnival games at your local fair. Pillowy, golden-brown fried dough stuffed with a creamy oreo cookie, sometimes doused in enough powdered sugar to make your teeth hurt (yum). If your mouth is watering just thinking about them, we’ve got good news for you: there’s an easy way to recreate this decadent dessert at home, right on your own stove.

That’s right! If you’ve ever wondered how to make deep fried oreos at home, without a deep fryer, you’ve come to the right place. All you need is 4 ingredients, including boxed pancake mix (no eggs, no milk, no extra sugar or flavorings) and a frying pan. Oh, and this deep fried oreo recipe only takes 12 minutes or less, so you can quickly whip up a batch of your favorite carnival snack whenever the craving hits.

These super quick and easy deep fried oreos make the best midnight snack when you’re craving something indulgent. Keep reading to learn how to make the best fried oreos without any special equipment or ingredients!

Deep fried oreos dusted with powdered sugar on a plate

Deep Fried Oreos Recipe Ingredients

To make deep fried oreos without milk, without eggs, and simply in a pan on your stove, you just need 4 ingredients:

  • Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • Cold water
  • Double-Stuf Oreos
  • Vegetable oil

You’ll make the batter for your deep fried oreos with pancake mix and cold water – that’s it! Then simply coat the oreos in the batter, and fry in vegetable oil on the stove.

How To Make Deep Fried Oreos Without A Deep Fryer

You don’t need a deep fryer to make delicious fried oreos at home. You don’t even need an air fryer, or any other fancy gadgets. All you need is a frying pan, a fork, a slotted spatula, and a plate lined with paper towels.

Here’s how to make fried oreos on the stove:

  1. Fill a frying pan with about a quarter-inch of vegetable oil. If you can, use a pan that has higher walls to protect from any oil splatter (we like to use our 10-inch cast iron skillet for this). 
  2. Turn the stove to medium heat and let the oil warm up while you prepare the batter. You want it to be very hot when you start frying the oreos.
  3. Next, prepare the batter. Add pancake mix and cold water to a small bowl, then whisk with a fork until combined.
  4. Once the oil is hot and the batter is ready, coat one oreo cookie at a time in the batter and transfer it to the pan. To do this, simply press an oreo into the batter, then flip it over with a fork and gently press into the batter again. Lift the oreo out of the batter with the fork, letting any excess batter drip off into the bowl, and carefully lay the oreo down in the hot oil.
  5. Coat a few more oreos in the batter and transfer them to the pan. We recommend cooking no more than 4 deep fried oreos at a time, since they’ll fry pretty quickly.
  6. Fry the oreos until the bottom surface is golden, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Use a slotted spatula to gently flip the oreo over, then fry for another 30 seconds to 1 minute until golden.
  7. Transfer fried oreos to a plate lined with paper towels to drain excess oil. Repeat until all the oreos are fried, then let them cool for at least 3 minutes.
A plate of deep fried oreos made with pancake batter

Deep Fried Oreos Recipe Tips & Tricks

Fried oreos are easy to make at home with just pancake mix, water, and vegetable oil. But frying anything in oil on the stove can be dangerous, and these oreos can quickly go from a delicious golden crisp to burnt beyond recognition in no time. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you succeed at making deep fried oreos on the stove:

  • Use utensils for everything! This will not only keep your hands clean, but it will keep your fingers safe from the hot oil. Use a fork to make the batter, coat the oreos, and transfer the oreos to the pan. Then use a slotted spatula for flipping the oreos and taking them off the pan.
  • Use a slotted spatula to ensure the oil drains through the slots when you’re flipping the oreos and taking them out of the pan. This keeps the hot oil safely contained in the pan, and also keeps your fried oreos from getting soggy.
  • Keep an eye on the oreos as they’re cooking. If you work in batches of 4, chances are that by the time your last oreo is on the pan the first one will be ready to flip. It only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the oreos to crisp.
  • Remember that you can always flip the oreos more than once if you think you flipped them too early. It’s better to flip them early and then have to crisp that same side for a few more seconds than to burn them on the first go.
  • We know it’s hard, but let the fried oreos cool for at least 3 minutes before trying to eat them! They’re super hot when they come out of the oil. And even if the outside feels cool to the touch, the gooey oreo center will still be piping hot. Avoid burning your mouth so you can actually taste how delicious these fried oreos are 🙂 

Serving Suggestions

Depending on how extra you want to be, you can either: a) gobble up these fried oreos as soon as they’re cool enough, or b) dust them with powdered sugar like you’d get them at a carnival and then gobble them all up. Either way, they’re delicious.

To dust fried oreos with powdered sugar, first pile up the oreos on a plate for serving. Then, add a small amount of powdered sugar to a mesh sieve and hold it over the plate. Gently tap the sieve with your free hand to release a fine dusting of sugar over the oreos, and voila! A plate of fluffy, golden fried oreos that look like they just came out of the deep fryer from behind a counter on the boardwalk.

A plate of golden brown deep fried oreos made with pancake batter

How Long Do Deep Fried Oreos Last?

Deep fried oreos don’t last that long, and they taste the best when they’re fresh – so we definitely recommend eating them all in one sitting. (That’s why this recipe makes a small batch of 8 fried oreos). If you somehow don’t eat them all at once, you can store deep fried oreos in an air-tight container for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Enjoy them cold, or reheat in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds – just know they may be a little soggy.

Why Are Fried Oreos So Good?

Fried oreos are one of the most decadent, indulgent, and nostalgic desserts around – that’s what makes them so good! 

Whether you frequented local fairs as a kid, tried your first fried oreo on the boardwalk during summer vacation, or enjoyed this deep-fried treat whenever the circus came to town, most of us have fond memories of our favorite sandwich cookie engulfed in fried dough. And when we associate a particular food with special moments in life, the feelings that come rushing back when you bite into that food make it taste that much better.

Deep fried oreos on a plate, one with a bite taken out of it, dusted with powdered sugar

Not to say that deep fried oreos aren’t delicious on their own, nostalgic or not. If you’ve never had fried oreos before, you’re in for a treat! The oreo warms up and becomes slightly soft and gooey inside a pillowy blanket of dough – mmm. So sugary and sweet, you’ll want to steal the whole plate just for yourself.

But, much like oreos, these deep fried oreos are better when shared with friends and family 🙂

Try our recipe next time you’re craving an extra indulgent treat and let us know how they turn out in the comments! Don’t forget to rate, like, and share if you enjoy this recipe.

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Deep Fried Oreos With Pancake Mix

If you're wondering how to make deep fried oreos with pancake mix – and without a deep fryer – follow this recipe and step-by-step guide to easily recreate your favorite boardwalk treat!
Servings 8 oreos
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes


  • Large frying pan
  • Slotted spatula



  • First, fill a large frying pan with a quarter-inch of vegetable oil and heat on the stove over medium heat.
  • Line a small plate with paper towels, then set it on the counter next to the stove.
  • Next, make the fried oreo batter. Add pancake mix and cold water to a small bowl, then whisk with a fork to combine.
  • Finally, batter and fry the oreos. Working one at a time, coat an oreo in the batter, then carefully transfer to the hot oil with a fork. Fry until the bottom is golden, about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then carefully flip with a slotted spatula. Fry until golden on the bottom again, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, transfer fried oreo to the paper towel-lined plate.
  • Repeat Step 4 until all the oreo cookies have been battered and fried. Let cool for at least 3 minutes before serving.
  • Optionally dust the fried oreos with powdered sugar to serve.
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